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Teaching Special Needs Children in Bali

Program Special Needs Learning Center

Program Special Needs, is a formal Indonesian non-profit organization (Yayasan), founded by Ketut Sadia and Gill Rijnenberg, its doors opened in 2006. The center is located in a tradional Balinese village only 5 kms (20 mins) from Ubud in Bali.

Program Special Needs has now become a place where Balinese children can receive onging support. Orphans, the disabled, and other children needing a helping hand are given the opportunity to obtain an education, and if possible become independent and responsible for their own future.

The learning center is located 300m from the volunteer’s home stay accommodation. Each teaching day our volunteers walk through the traditional Balinese village to the learning center. The objective of the center is to teach the children to become self-sufficient and responsible for their own future. As well as ensuring that they receive their regular schooling, the center has 4 classrooms for Teaching English, 1 Arts and Crafts classroom and 1 open air classroom for dancing, yoga, games and other activities.

Most children with special needs are not integrated into regular Balinese schooling, the Yayasan welcomes these children and offers them a full education, therapy and support in a number of forms. The center currently support 21 children in this programs.

Ketut and Nyoman are the founders of the non-profit learning center
Komang – Volunteer Coordinator and local English Teacher Aid
Volunteering with Special Needs Children
Volunteering teaching children English