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Bali Volunteering at Program in the Hills

Program in the Hills Learning Center

Program in the Hills, is a formal Indonesian non-profit organization (Yayasan), founded in February 2014 by a Dutch Foundation: Stichting Indonesie 2007 and operates within the WINS system.

Program in the Hills is located in the traditional Balinese village in the beautiful region of Tabanan, in the western part of Bali. The village is surrounded by rolling hills of rice terrace fields and plantation of coco trees and traditional cattle farming.

The learning center is located 100m from the volunteer’s home stay accommodation. The aim of the learning center is to teach the children to become self-sufficient and responsible for their own future. As well as ensuring that they receive their regular schooling, the center has 3 classrooms for Teaching English, basic computer skills and other activities.

By staying at the Learning Centers guest room and using the transport and tour facilities, you also support the non-profit learning center with an extra source of income that makes it possible for them to run the entire organization.

Ketut Sunarmi Director of the non- profit learning center
Ketut and her husband with some of their volunteers
Students during traditional dance class
Volunteers teaching English through games