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Bali Volunteering at Program Ubud Village

Novia founder of Program Ubud Village comes from a family of teachers in a traditional Balinese village, Novia has always understood the need for access to education and the enormous benefits it can bring to a community as a whole.

She has also seen first hand how a system without free education can determine who succeeds in life and who doesn’t. Working for over 7 years at Non-Profit organizations (Yayasans) in the Ubud, Gianyar region of Bali, as well as maintaining her English teaching position in her home village government school.

Novia had the opportunity to work along side some inspiring Balinese who have founded their own centers, providing underprivileged children with free education and scholarships to continue their studies. Pak Agung from Yayasan Slukat Learning Center was one such man who gave back to his home village and helped many young Balinese to achieve their goals.

Novia also worked alongside the compassionate Robin Lim from Bumi Sehat Youth Center who also remains determined in assisting the youth with free education and life skills. Not only has Novia assisted hundreds of Balinese children to continue their studies, but she has also supported many international volunteers who have given their time to teach the children of Bali.

Novia with her extended family

It has always been Novia’s dream to one day provide the same opportunity for the children and people of her village, a raw traditional community untouched by tourism. Here she has given her time to teach the children in their rural environment whilst providing them with the tools to learn. International volunteers are now welcome to give their passion for teaching at the learning center created by Novia and her family, and become a member of a Balinese family determined to make free education accessible to all.

Yayasan Widya Sari staff – Leony, Ketut, Nyoman and Novia
Group B English Class
Novia – English teacher and founder
We have 2 traditional Balinese village classrooms where classes are held
Mega – Volunteer Teacher Aid
Ayu – local English Teacher