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Bali Volunteer Accommodation at Program Ubud Village

Program Ubud Village Learning Center

Volunteer’s Home stay is located in the vibrant center of Ubud, close to eateries and Yoga studios. Although centrally located, the home stay is in a quiet and peaceful location overlooking a beautiful tropical garden and valley.

The home stay provides an atmosphere of the genuine Balinese family setting with four generations of the this Balinese family share their home site with guests.

What is provided at the volunteer’s home stay in Ubud Village?

  • Volunteers share a room with 1 other main sex volunteer
  • Each room has two single beds
  • Each room has their own private bathroom clean western style toilet and shower
  • Ceiling Fan for the warmer days
  • Breakfast is provided each day as part of your home stay.
  • Lunch and Dinner is not provided as part of their volunteering placement at this program. The home stay is located in small street popular in Ubud, popular for a traditional Indonesian and western eateries. Meals at Warungs (local Indonesian eatery) can vary from prices average approx $1.5 to $2.5 per meal and western style meals from $2 to $6 per meal.
  • Towels and bed sheets provided
  • Free onsite Wi-Fi access at the home stay.
  • Toiletries (soaps, shampoos and toilet paper provided by volunteer)
Each room has a balcony
Some rooms have their own kitchen
Single beds in each room with double beds available for couples

What is located near volunteer’s home stay in Ubud?

  • ATM and locate Indonesian Banks (Commonwealth Bank is only a 5 mins walk)
  • Currency exchange outlets (2 min walk)
  • Supermarket/department store (only 5 mins walk)
  • Health food store (2 min walk)
  • 24 hour convent store (available next to the home stay)
  • Laundry service (available next to the home stay and is at volunteer’s cost)
  • Tour service on offer (available next to the home stay and is at volunteer’s cost)
  • Motor bike or bicycle rental (available next to the home stay and is at volunteer’s cost)
  • Yoya studio (2 min walk)
  • Art studio and Art galleries
Yoya Studio located 2 min walk
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Currency exchange outlet