Volunteer Programs Bali

Balinese Children sponsored by WINS Indonesia

Below are the students from the Tianyar region who have been sponsored by past volunteers and individuals through the organisation WINS Indonesia.

Sponsorship supports each child to continue their education in Bali, Indonesia.

Eka (Sponsored)
My name is I Ketut Eka Darmawan, you can call me Eka. I am 9 years old, I am the third grade of elementary school. I live in Tianyar village. I want to be a pilot. My hobby is swimming. My father’s name is I Nyoman Merta, he is a workman and my mother’s name is Ni Nyoman Ceni. She is already dead. I have 2 older sisters, her name are Puspita and Winda, I have one older brother, his name is Kadek. Kadek and Puspa are working at Denpasar and Winda is still studying at Senior High School.

Sponsor : Arlene Binarto

Kadek (Sponsored)
My name is Ni Kadek Parmiwati, my call name is Kadek. I am eight years old, I am in grade two of The Elementary School. I love singing and I want to be a teacher. I like to eat meat ball. I live in Tianyar but my father stays in Denpasar city for working. My mother and my father were divorced, and I live with my grand father.

Sponsor : Leni and David Bolles ( Sumatra, Indonesia – USA)

Since : November 2013

Kartini (Sponsored)
My name is Ni Luh Kartiniwati. My friends always call me Kartini. I’m in grade 3 of senior high school. I like shopping and listening to music. My favorite subjects are English and tourism. My favorite food is chicken noodles. At the Yayasan I study English, computers and Japanese. When I’m older I would like to be a tour guide.

Name: Ni Luh Kartiniwati

Nickname: Kartini

Date of birth: 11 February 1996

Sponsor: Rick and Lita Pursell, Bali

Mang Ayu (Sponsored)
My name is Ni Komang Ayu Astini, my call names Mang Ayu, I’m 10 years old. I’m in grade 4 o the elementary school. I have two older brothers, my parents sell fish at the market. I live in Tianyar, my house near the beach and near to the yayasan. I like to read and I want to be a teacher. I have a sponsor, his names Ken from Jakarta Indonesia

Date of birth : May 14th 2004

Sponsor: Ken Saptomo Aji

Country : Indonesia

Resma (Sponsored)
Name: Ni Kadek Resma Leona Dewi

Nickname: Resma

Date of birth: 3 August 2003

Sponsor: Stefanie