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Sponsoring a Balinese Child

If you would like to help a student at Yayasan Widya Sari, Bali, Indonesia to further their education, sponsorship is a great option. Below you’ll find information on our Child Sponsorship Program.How child sponsoring works
A donor sponsors a specific child or various children. All sponsor donations will be used only for education purposes, such as transportation to and from school, learning materials, school uniform, etc. The sponsor has the right to stop the sponsorship at anytime without notice. WINS will then be responsible for the education of the child.For further information on sponsoring a child, please contact us.

The Financial Structure

Sponsorship money gets paid into the Yayasan Widya Sari’s bank account but a strict record is kept of details – e.g. who the sponsor is, how much is received and for which child.

As a sponsor you will receive regular spread sheet updates which clearly show your transaction and how the money has been spent. We keep this process totally transparent and you can clarify and ask questions at any time, in fact we welcome this.

The child will be provided with their own local bank book. As soon as the child can read and write, they will do their own bookkeeping under the supervision of the Treasurer and Director. This way, the child will learn to deal with financial matters.

The entire child’s sponsoring donation goes into his/her account.

The child’s financial ledger will be sent to the sponsor on a semi-annual basis.

To view a student’s Sponsoring Financial Plan.