Volunteer Programs Bali

Teaching Sport Activities

A fantastic way to bond with the students is to introduce sports and games into your classes. Through your leadership and support the children develop greater individual confidence whilst also working in a team environment. The center offers a great environment for all to partake in ball sports, swimming and creative learning.

Benefits in volunteers teaching children sports, include:

• Can really be fun and enjoyable. It gives the children something to do and a group to belong to.

• Playing sports, especially for girls, has a more positive body image and higher self-esteem and confidence in themselves.

• Children engaged in sporting activities are less likely to take drugs or smoke especially the male youth in Bali.

• It’s a great method to reduced stress and depression especially students at high school level.

• Being active helps with the children’s development of discipline. By learning to set a target and then working to achieve them.

• Children playing sports learn that sometimes you win and somtimes you also lose.

• Generally children playing sports in high school are more likely to achieve better results academically.

• It improves teamwork and leadership skills in children. They learn how to work collectively as a team to do well together in a team game.

• Children who exercise often are more likely to continue playing sport into their youth and adulthood.

Volunteers after their football game with their students
Volunteer James from UK, playing baskball with his students
During the football game with Bali volunteers and their students
Volunteer Nikki from Holland teaching swimming lessons