Volunteer Programs Bali

Bali Volunteer Accommodation at Program in the Hills

Program in the Hills Learning Center

All our volunteers from all four programs stay at the volunteers accommodation in Ubud on their Saturday arrival. After completing their Sunday morning Program Orientation, volunteers from Program in the Hills are driven to their volunteer accommodation (approx 2:00pm). On their arrival to their home stay their volunteer coordinator (Ketut) will give them a local orientation of the village and learning center.

The volunteers share the home stay with Ketut and her extended family which is located 30kms (1.5 hrs drive) from Ubud. The rooms are clean and comfortable with a local family atmosphere. The home stay is located just 100m from the Learning Center.

* Shared accommodation with 1 other same sex volunteer during your volunteering placement. (couple can request a room together)

* Five rooms available to volunteers (3 rooms each have single beds and 2 rooms each each have queen size beds).

* Private western style bathroom

* Clean western style toilet and shower

* Ceiling Fans Bed sheets are provided.

*All meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) are provided on teaching days (Monday to Thursday). Note: First Sunday night arrival meal and Friday breakfast are included.

* Free onsite Wi-Fi access at the home stay

* Laundry service (extra volunteer cost)

* Tour service (extra volunteer cost)

* Motor bike or bicycle rental (extra volunteer cost)

* Toiletries (soaps, shampoos and toilet paper extra volunteer cost)

* Your students can provide you with free guided tours around the village and rice fields

Ketut and her husband are your Home Stay hosts
Two single beds in each bedroom
Meals at the home stay

Volunteer Activities Beyound Teaching

Surfing and Yoya Retreat

You are located just 20 minutes (10kms) away from Balian Beach. Everything from a private villa to a resort to a classic Bali home stay can be found in Balian Beach. It’s one of the most relaxing destinations on Bali. There are good waves to do some surfing, or you can just chill, enjoy a cocktail, and watch the sunset. Watch the local fishermen cast their nets, and if you love Yoga, there is also the Balian Yoga Retreat.

Surfing on Balian Beach
Trekking the rice terrace fields

Just 200 meters from the Center there is a traditional population of Samaman, mainly rice farmers, so the area has a beautiful view of terraced rice paddy’s and hills where you can do sawah trekking. There are also traditional farming of coco trees and cattle farming. The local village children are happy to guide you around.

Trekking the terrace rice fields
Trekking the beautiful Nungnung Waterfall

The waterfall is awesome and well worth the trek down of 590 steps. The views of the waterfall and the surrounding scenery are breathtaking. Descending into the valley is picturesque with the tropical rainforesttrees and the running water down the sides of the pathway. Taking a swim in the pool under the waterfall is invigorating.

Volunteers and students visiting a local waterfall