Volunteer Programs Bali

Teaching Music and Dance

Through song and dance your experiences with your students becomes truly unforgettable. The Balinese culture is rich in music and traditional dancing, therefore the children love to express themselves and learn through the introduction of new music, such as the latest pop song or dance routine. Don’t forget to bring along with you any musical instruments and your ipod to create fun dynamic classes for both you and your students.

Benefits in volunteers teaching children Music, Dance, Singing include:

• Dance comes in countless kinds and styles, from traditional Balinese dance to modern hip-hop. With such a variety of types, it’s easy for each student to find something he or she enjoys, whether it’s ballet, hip-hop, or tap.

• Music motivates children to movement. Music naturally stimulates areas of the brain responsible for movement, like the head bobbing, shoulder shrugging, and toe tapping that you don’t even think about when you hear your favorite tune.

• Music improves children’s performance and concentration. It has a positive affect on children’s mood. Music makes students happier by presenting a more relaxing; positive atmosphere that motivates them to drive themselves and work harder. Some volunteers have music playing in the background while their students are doing art or craft activities.

• It can teach children coordination, rhythm, flexibility, and various muscles throughout their body. Dance can be varied in difficulty or intensity to suit the children’s skill levels and preferences.

• The children really enjoy learning English through singing English songs. Teach them the lyrics first and the meaning of the song.

Our students during traditional Balinese dancing classes
Volunteer David from France also taught music and song during his classes
Volunteer Lucy from UK with Group A students (image provided by Lucy)
Our Group C student during his music class